Book on time

You can reach Casas Fruta from Lisbon Airport in about 50 minutes by car. We provide you with a good itinerary after we have receivedat your reservation.

All major car rental companies can be found at the airport. We advise you to book your car before arrival. This guarantees availability, and the prices are better.

We advise you to book through AutoEurope. This company guarantees the best prices for a car you rent at well-known and reliable car rental companies.


Especially during the high-season, the queues at the rental desks at Lisbon airport can be quite long.
Some of the rental companies are offering special ´fast-service´options. Of course some extra costs are involved.
You can also consider to pick-up your car at a service-desk in the city. You can get there by taxi, underground or the Aerobus.

Toll roads

Portugal has two kinds of toll roads.

  • The 'Via Verde' toll roads - as on the A8 between Lisbon and Casas Fruta - where you can pay with creditcard or cash.
  • The 'Scud' toll roads you can pay only in advance. Many car rental companies added a transponder to their cars so you can drive these new roads without any problem. Ask your car rental company about this. You can find more information here. If you travel to Portugal in your own car, you can find more information here.