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Thank you very much for your hospitality.

We thoroughly enjoyed your accommodation.Thanks for all the tips in the information book.We got completely relaxed here.

In fact, we enjoyed our stay so much, that we're thinking of coming back here next year.


PS: who knows, until next year

Thank you for the warm welcome. The house is beautiful, we had a great time.

We saw a lot: Lisbon, Fátima, Nazaré, Óbidos, São Martinho do Porto, Baleal. It was nice that there is so much variation. We also really enjoyed the refreshing swimming pool.

We enjoyed your beautiful house!

Unfortunately, the sun did not always show itself. That is why we have visited places more inland. Tomar was amazing! Coimbra is also a beautiful city. Peniche and Óbidos were worth a visit. We visited Caldas da Rainha for shopping. Nazaré was touristic but the little train up the hill provided a beautiful view. Gelatomania really has the tastiest ice cream (also in São Martinho).
Portobello Pizzaria is recommended. Make a reservation or arrive immediately at 7 p.m.

The cake from Atelier do Doce was delicious.
You can’t see that the houses are already 10 years old. Everything is very well maintained.
It's a shame we didn't see the sun here often, but we still enjoyed it here!
Many beautiful things can be seen from this location.

Good luck with the rental of your beautiful houses.

Dear Geert and Iris,

We had a wonderful week in your house!

After the Algarve, Lisbon and Sintra we had a relaxing week here.

We visited Alcobaça, as well as Peniche and the beach at Foz do Arelho, a must! Going to Óbidos at the end of the afternoon, a tip from this booklet, was also fun. The worst crowds have past by then, we had a lovely meal at the Italian at the front in the right lane as you pass through the gate.

Watching high waves at Nazaré was also a lot of fun (search the altitude on internet). And eat an icecream at Gelatomania and pies from Atelier do Doce, hmmm!

Good luck with your houses!

NB: the final success was the ± 5 meter high waves at the fort and Praia do Norte near Nazaré (check the website when they are expected).

Dear Iris and Geert,

Thank you for the hospitality, the good care, and especially for this fantastic place.

After Porto, Praia da Barra, this was our third place in Portugal. Greatly enjoyed the (very complete) house. And the peace and the view. A nice base for our daily trips:
- Alcobaça
- Batalha (easy to combine)
- Óbidos
- São Martinho do Porto
- Sintra (“love it or hate it”)
- Intermarche :-)

Regarding Sintra: we left early and were back home around 7 p.m. Parked at the station (P1). And we found it beautiful (and yes, we also had an “Efteling” feeling).
Next stop: Lisbon!

Portugal for us 4 is a great holiday, thanks to Iris and Geert Franken !!
Kind regards to the next guests !!

Dear Iris & Geert,

We ENJOYED our stay!! Our youngest son told Iris this afternoon: "I rate our stay with 8.8 points !!". Above all, our 2019 holiday in Portugal was special, surprising, relaxed and made us very happy :-)

All the best!!

We had a wonderful week with a mix of culture, sun, swimming in the wonderful pool, and the beaches of Nazaré and São Martinho do Porto.

We had a delicious dinner at Antonio Padeiro in Alcobaça.

The warm welcome and regular contact with Iris and Geert was very nice. Also the tips they gave us.

Thank you, it was a vacation that we will enjoy for a long time to come, and who knows, we may come back.

Dear Geert and Iris,

We came here via a tip from a colleague and this was certainly a great tip!

We visited many villages/towns such as Nazaré, Óbidos, São Martinho do Porto, Caldas da Rainha, Lisbon, Alfeizerão, Alcobaça, Baleal.

Every morning we bought our breakfast at Pastelaria Cinderella Bakery in Alfeizerão, which is delicious and there’s lots of choice.

The first days we went to the beach at Foz do Arelho, but Baleal is our favorite beach, more fun for our teenagers. We have eaten in the local restaurant, Zé da Genia, which is tipical Portuguese but delicious. Also eaten in the restaurants Granada and Portobello, both in São Martinho do Porto, definitely recommended.

We really enjoyed the house, plenty of space, very clean, and beautiful views.
Thank you for this great experience!

Dear Geert & Iris,

Our compliments for your beautiful place here in Portugal!

Beautiful villa(s) and wonderfully quiet. A great place to do all kinds of things. Nazaré, São Martinho do Porto have excellent restaurants.Foz do Arelho has a beautiful beach.

In our week here we went to Óbidos (go late afternoon and have a meal in the evening), Peniche (for the historic years up to 1974), Fátima (scenic route!). Of course we visited Sintra.

After many years in Italy, Portugal was our choice for this year. Next week we are going to Vila Nova de Milfontes!

A final advice for the next guests: If you like to drive a car, don't take the quickest route to a destination with the navigation. The alternative routes take you through beautiful villages and beautiful nature. We found those routes very worthwhile.

Geert and Iris, thank you for letting us enjoy your beautiful accommodation, and we wish the next guests a great time!

Dear Iris and Geert,

For the first time we spent 2 weeks in the same place, and what a place it is!

We enjoyed the house, the area, and of course the pool!
A very relaxed holiday for the three of us.

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