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Dear Geert and Iris,

We had a wonderful week in your house!

After the Algarve, Lisbon and Sintra we had a relaxing week here.

We visited Alcobaça, as well as Peniche and the beach at Foz do Arelho, a must! Going to Óbidos at the end of the afternoon, a tip from this booklet, was also fun. The worst crowds have past by then, we had a lovely meal at the Italian at the front in the right lane as you pass through the gate.

Watching high waves at Nazaré was also a lot of fun (search the altitude on internet). And eat an icecream at Gelatomania and pies from Atelier do Doce, hmmm!

Good luck with your houses!

NB: the final success was the ± 5 meter high waves at the fort and Praia do Norte near Nazaré (check the website when they are expected).

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